• Hanging Out

    Hanging Out

    The lounge space between the tent and our event area is a fun place to hang out with other camp members and invited guests.
  • Contact Dance

    Contact Dance

    Contact dancers at event of same name.
  • MV


    Our MV at the event in 2017.
  • Cuddling at the Cone

    Cuddling at the Cone

    So many people flopped in the cuddle space at our Cosmic Passage, we couldn’t ever tell how many were camp members and how many were visitors.
  • Guest Artist

    Guest Artist

    Results of a spontaneous performance painting event.
  • Karma Talk

    Karma Talk

    Visitors discovering and connecting with humanity.
  • Camp Kitchen

    Camp Kitchen

    Our fully equipped camp kitchen. Our international members especially enjoyed all the gear our camp hauled in for them so they didn’t need to worry about having their own stoves, pans, basins, and such.
  • Pot Luck Dinners

    Pot Luck Dinners

    Camp members interact and bond through nightly potluck dinners. Everyone participates as a team for their designated night on a theme.
  • Angel in Camp

    Angel in Camp

    Jasmine traveled all the way from England to be with us. She was among 22 international camp members that made long journeys.
  • Camp Members

    Camp Members

    Getting a group shot is like herding cats, but we did manage to collect an image of half of our membership in one place last year.