Dues Payment Instructions Early Member Rate

If you are reading this, your request to join Karma Love Camp has been approved at the early registration rate of $175.

The next step to confirm your full membership is to pay the dues contribution.

Our setup crew is creating a shaded zone for certain tents. We're doing this on a direct cost-sharing basis for the gear needed, so each tent that wants to be setup under shade needs to contribute an additional $50.

If you are making a payment for more than one camp member, be sure to list their names along with the name you signed up for camp with in the notes section.

Please pay $175 per person you are making a payment for. If you don't want to be in the shade zone, that's all you need to do.

If you want shade, pay an additional $50 per tent.

Click here to make payment:

Internationals: Be sure to render your dues payment in US dollars. If you are making a payment from another country, Paypal adds a $20 surcharge, so please include that with your payment. The above contribution link doesn't work in some countries. If that is the case, just log into Paypal and use the "Send Money" option to send it directly to our Paypal account, which is the same email as the camp address that sent your member confirmation. Hint: it starts with Info)

This payment helps cover the cost of implementing camp, including the provisioning the kitchen, the water system that supports the camp shower and kitchen (including the water and wastewater), hardware, rentals, equipment, infrastructure, hardware, supplies, and other variable costs necessary to provide the art and interactivity gifts to the Burning Man community. Dues do not cover all the costs, but they help. Feel free to donate more if you can afford to.

Thanks you so much for your contribution to our collective effort to be upstanding Burning Man citizens while enhancing the experience for all camp members!

- Karma Love Camp