As the name implies, we’re all about karma, especially tuned to the universal energy of giving and belief that our collective efforts come back to us in positive ways.

The philosophy of Burning Man is closely aligned with the concept of karma. The annual event is an experience driven entirely by gifts that enhance the experience for all, ultimately returned in kind. Burning Man wouldn’t be such an incredible experience without the actionable philosophy of giving without expectations.

Our camp embodies and exemplifies the contribution cycle, demonstrating and expanding the Burning Man ethos, the circle of giving and the Ten Principles.

We share an affinity with karma from the cultures and movements that contemplate it, but represent them only in abstraction. Their icons are ancient and powerful in the psyche, triggering attention and contemplation. Their images and rituals are transformed through our creative lens–emerging different–Burnified.

Karma Love is populated with creatives who seek to expand their karmic presence at Burning Man, who are dedicated to the radical transformation of humanity through the nexus of interactivity represented by our camp collective.